Meet the just B more design intern: Lauren Conaway


just B more art and design intern Lauren Conaway

Here at just B more the entire purpose is to help locals find and support locals. So when I decided it was time to create a logo for the website, I knew I wanted to help a new local talent. A talent so new that they haven’t even graduated from high school yet. I put my feelers out to an art teacher I knew (because we work together – gotta start somewhere right?) and one student answered the call.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to my fabulous art and design intern: Lauren Conaway!


just B more logo: Lauren Conaway

Lauren has big goals and a killer design vision. A junior at Liberty High School in Carroll County, Lauren started life with a passion for art. Painting and drawing were where it was at, until she was introduced to some logo design contests. Her interest piqued, she spent a day at the Carroll County Career and Tech program and saw the print production completer. It was while seeing the poster, packaging and marketing design that Lauren thought graphic design and advertising might be her calling.

“I had a new respect for the little things that can be done in that field. It’s definitely interesting,” she told me with a warm smile and creative spark in her eyes.


LHS National Art Honor Society t-shirt: Lauren Conaway

With college still a year and a half away, Lauren says when it comes to her career path, “I’m not sure yet. I’m in the mood to do whatever. Right now I’m just working on getting ready for college and preparing myself.”

Which worked out great for me! Over the next year and a half, Lauren will be working with me to take just B more to the next level. When you see a design, logo or art just know that this talented student is behind the magic.

What could just B more exciting?


Soccer logo: Lauren Conaway



just B more circle logo: Lauren Conaway

Second Annual Nonprofits to Love this February


It the time of year for hearts and cupids, roses and poems, romantic dinners, Galentine’s Days and… my Second Annual Nonprofits to Love List!

I realized that this is the best time to remember our local nonprofits, and so I listed some great nonprofits last year. All of the past nonprofits were ones dear to my heart, but I wanted to switch it up this year and let you nominate the honorees. The following are the nonprofits chosen to be featured this year.

So what can you do now?

  • Send that check you didn’t get around to sending during the holiday to one of the honorees or your favorite charity. The season of giving may be over, but the season of love just started! Now’s the time to send that donation.
  • Start that New Year’s resolution to volunteer more—many organizations are starting to feel the New Year’s rush drop off, so now is your chance to swoop in and lend that much-needed hand.
  • Donate those items you have packed in a box and ready to go. Trust me they are still needed.

So this Valentine’s Day season (which I’ve decided is the entire month of February), I challenge you to show some love to your favorite local nonprofit or charity.

The point is, now is the time to remember the others that don’t always get remembered beyond Thanksgiving and the typical charity holiday season. So this season of love, let’s look to those that might be overlooked this time of year. Share your faves in the comments section to spread the Valentine’s Day vibes!

What could just ‘B’ more loving?

Art with a Heart


Little artists sharing their creations. (PC: Art with a Heart)

Founded in 2000, Art with a Heart’s mission is to enhance the lives of people in need through visual art. Art with a Heart works to harness the benefits of arts education to cultivate positive, long-lasting changes in the lives and communities of its students. It provides engaging, educational and interactive visual arts classes to underserved Baltimore-area children, youth and adults in schools, group homes, shelters, community centers, recreation centers, permanent housing facilities, foster care agencies, senior facilities and hospitals.

Sound like something you want to get involved with? Volunteer tasks range from assisting art teachers in classrooms to making sample projects and more! Want to get involved? Email Jenny Hyle! and visit their open house on April 8, 2018. While you’re there, be sure to drop off a gift card to Michael’s or Home Depot to help the artists!

Open House graphic screen resolution.png



The Buddy Foundation of Maryland


The Buddy Foundation of Maryland was started by Jay Dackman and his basset hound, Buddy, with the belief that no dog should be euthanized simply because their owner cannot afford their medical expenses. By helping families in financial need, TBFMD makes sure that our companion animals are taken care of when surgical care is needed.

The Parker family is one great example of community, family and TBFMD coming together to help a dog get back on her paws. The Parkers’ dog, Colleen, had been unable to run and play for quite some time because of an injury to her back left leg. Tanya Parker was told that Colleen would need a cranial cruciate ligament repair in order to get better and have some quality of life. As a single mother, Tanya could not figure out how she would afford the surgery and worried about not being able to get Colleen the help she needed. Working closely with the Parker family, their friends and family, and Northwind Animal Hospital, TBFMD helped piece together a plan of care and provide the funds necessary to make it happen. Colleen received her surgery at Northwind Animal Hospital on 12/26/17 and has healed beautifully!

If you wish to help dog-loving families you can sponsor a family, send in general monetary donations or refer a family in need to the program. For more information go to:

colleen and kids.jpg

Colleen and her family. (PC: The Buddy Foundation of Maryland)



  The League for People with Disabilities, Inc. 


PC: The League for People with Disabilities Inc.

The League for People with Disabilities, Inc. is committed to offering individuals the opportunity to gain independence, increase self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Within that is the awesome CLUB1111, The League’s newest program! A nightclub/social club in Baltimore designed especially for our friends with disabilities, CLUB111 opened in January of 2015 and it has been going strong ever since! On the 2nd Saturday of every month, the club opens to anyone with a disability and their family/caregivers. Held in The League’s 50,000 sq ft headquarters, visitors get to dance the night away in an authentic urban nightclub with over 500 people from all across the state! This is available due to a very dedicated community of volunteers and donors—and you can be one of them!


Dancing at CLUB111 (PC: The League for People with Disabilities, Inc.)

New Year: New Happenings for just B more


just B more logo

The end of the first month of 2018 is quickly coming for us and many people in Baltimore spent the first few weeks reading articles, watching news segments or listening to podcasts all about how to make changes to your life in this new beginning that is 2018. Over here on just B more I decided to take a break from the list of things to achieve—and start anew.

2018 is going to be a big year for just B more starting with that snazzy new logo you see perched at the top of the page! Designed by local Maryland high school senior Lauren C., it is just one of the things that’s exciting and new for this website. That’s right, we’re growing up and going places in 2018.

And I wanted to give you a little preview of some changes that are coming to this corner of Baltimore’s internet community. Here are some things to look forward to:

This Moment in Politics

—More features about the places, people and things you didn’t know you loved!

The whole mission of just B more is to give Baltimore and Maryland locals a place to find and support locals. I’m all about keeping it in the family here. I created this website to promote the great things happening in the place that I love, because I believe we are the best there is! And I think there’s more to Baltimore than “Top 10” lists which is why you will continue to see in-depth features on local organizations, like The Nasty Press, and small businesses, like The Broken Plate. Because I believe we should just B more than a customer—we should be a community.

—Unique collaborations with locals like you!

I believe that if we work together we can all just B more. We can be more than unconnected people going to grab our morning coffee and heading to our jobs, homes, or cell phones. I want to collaborate with like-minded doers and work towards the common goal of making a stronger Baltimore/Maryland community. Collaborations like working with Lauren C. (look out for a feature on her in the coming days!) help to promote the unknown talent, passion, and dreams of everyone. And I would love to collaborate with you! Send me a message through my contact page or simply comment below.


Buffalo Adventure! 121—Personal invite into my life, mission and dreams

Sounds a little narcissistic? Well, what I realized over the course of 2017 is that I really want to get to know my readers and collaborators better. But a relationship isn’t just a one-sided post. If I want to learn about you, then I have to just B more willing to share about myself. So once a month you’ll get the chance to learn a little more about me, my life and the dreams I have for this community I’m building.

Those are just a few of the fantastic things that will be happening throughout 2018. I’m incredibly excited about what is to come and beyond thankful to all of you who have been following this little website since it first started. Look how far we’ve come!

Please reach out to me!!! You can comment below, send me an email (, or DM me on Instagram (@justbmoreblog) to suggest locals to feature, set up a collaboration or just say, “Hi!” And if you love just B more, share it with a friend!

What could just ‘B’ more exciting?



just B more

Nominations Needed for Great Non-Profit Organizations!


Nominations needed

Know of a Non-Profit organization that you think everyone needs to know on a first-name basis? Do you volunteer for an organization that’s doing good and deserves to be in the spotlight? When you hear the phrase “making a difference” does a special group instantly come to mind?

Then nominate them for a spot in my Non-Profits to Love: 2018 Edition. (You can read about last year’s featured non-profits here.)

I’m looking for Baltimore and Maryland non-profit organizations of all types, focuses, and missions to showcase in February’s special feature. It’s an annual post that gives locals a different way to show love in the season of hearts and cupids. The only qualifications for nominations are as follows:

  • MUST be a Not-for-Profit Organization
  • Be Baltimore or Maryland based

To nominate your non-profit simply answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of the awesome non-profit you think should be featured?
  2. What do they do that makes them so special?

You can answer in the comments below or or email me at Who knows? Maybe they’ll get a little extra love this season!

What could just ‘B’ more thoughtful?

Healing the Nasty Way: A sit down with The Nasty Press


May We Heal Event this Friday night. YOU better be there!!

Sometimes things happen in the world and you know the only correct response for yourself is to get out there and make a difference. That was the case for three amazing women after an election that shook much of the country. If you haven’t heard of The Nasty Press yet, allow me to introduce you to Baltimore’s newest femme zine collective and the fantastic ways they plan to change Baltimore’s art scene – and beyond.

And let me start by telling you that the BEST way to get to know these ziners is to attend The Nasty Press: May We Heal?  FREE event this Friday night, Sept 15, 2017. Located at The Annex 2E and starting at 8 pm, the night is all about celebrating Baltimore’s LGBTQ and POC artists in Baltimore. There will be poetry, music, art, photography, and new friends for everyone. Bring some beer and maybe a little spending money. (You may just find something you must have!)

Can’t wait to show up? Great! Now here’s the low down on what brought it all together so you’re completely in-the-know Friday night.

Zoey, Alysha, Em – AKA: The Nasty Press

“Trump was the catalyst.” —Zoey

Like so many people after the 2016 election, Zoey, Alysha and Em felt that the wrong things were getting the spotlight, namely racism, homophobia, sexism and religious intolerance. As they started looking around at the zine scene in Baltimore, the dynamic trio realized that there didn’t seem to be a platform for all artists. It was very male dominated and what femme-run zines there were could sometimes be more competitive than supportive. Beyond that, Alysha explained the art scene in general had a reputation of “being pompous, pious and off-putting on the surface“- just plain intimidating to newcomers or the curious.

What started as simple idea to have a one-time gallery show for the art of those underrepresented, turned into a zine and event collective whose mission is to give a platform to EVERYONE. Their goal is to be Inclusive not Exclusive so that their zine can show the richness that is Baltimore City and highlight those that often don’t get the spotlight.

Constantly referring to themselves as an infant zine, you’d be hard pressed to know it just by looking at their first issue This Moment in Politics. Turns out that was all thanks to a grant that didn’t pan out in the end. As Zoey explains, it seems she often can’t believe the story herself:

“We tried to do this grant, but it was due in five days. We didn’t even have a name at the time! Over the next four days we met every night to write it and submit. We didn’t get it in the end, BUT it helped to solidify the idea…we had themes for our first issues because we had to and it helped to give us focus…And we often didn’t know what we were doing or if something was going to work.

I mean, we were zine panelists before we even had a zine! We were giving advice before we’d published our first issue!”

Alysha laughs and adds:

“We’re not big shots! We definitely don’t think we are! We’re infants. We’re beginners and we WANT beginners. Some of our (published) submissions are from beginners. You take your iPhone and take a picture that works with the theme. If you have something to say – say it….Politics affects everyone from women’s reproduction and marriage equality to veterans and (pause) just everyone. It affects EVERYBODY.”

This Moment in Politics

And The Nasty Press is committed to focusing on those issues that affect everyone.

While the first zine was a reaction to the election of Trump and a showcase of people’s feelings at that time, the second issue will tackle mental health.

After working so hard to get the first issue out we each had to really rely on one another at different times. We got to share our stories of our struggles and our families suffering from mental illness. This is a topic that needs to be normalized. And it’s not just about mental illness, it’s about mental HEALTH. We want to be as open and broad as possible and level the planning field. We’re trying to make it comfortable for people to relate.” 

Along with supplying a platform for underrepresented artists and raising awareness of important issues, The Nasty Pressers are all about giving back. All profits from their zine and merch (like these killer totes) are donated straight to The Baltimore Transgender Alliance, Planned Parenthood of Maryland and Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

“This was never about making money. It was about providing help and resources to those who need it.”

In the coming year there are plans to do a large fair on the street surrounding The Annex, complete with bands, food, art, performances and lots of zines! Alysha envisions blocks of zines and people supporting one another and raising each other up, with support from local businesses. Places like Red Emma’s, Bird in Hand, Greenmount Coffee Lab, and Dovecote Cafe are already dedicating space on their shelves for The Nasty Press, as well as other zines like Herstaria and Beast Girl.

Alysha and Zoey (and me) kicking it at their amazing event space at The Annex 2E.

No matter what happens in the future the femme forces behind The Nasty Press promise to always be relevant and turn out thought-provoking zines and events. Alysha summed it up best:

Queasy. Good. Raw. That’s what we want.”

What could ‘B’ more inspiring?

Want to get involved with The Nasty Press? Drop them a line on Facebook, Instagram or their website.

Want to submit to their next zine? Perform at their next event? Find out how here.

Hey Baltimore, what ever happened to those New Year’s Resolutions?


Recently I was home, frustrated that I wasn’t able to complete the goals I wanted to accomplish for this blog over the summer. This was because of unforeseen surgery complications and major life events that were beyond my control. The fact that these hurdles popped up and were indeed more important than my self-imposed deadlines was something I recognized, but it still hurt that my plans had been derailed yet again.

Dealing with an injury that won’t go away has been a real challenge for me the past two years and I was feeling like I had achieved nothing, both professionally and personally. After all, how do you write a blog about the goings-on in your hometown when you often can’t participate in the goings-on?

So I got to thinking about my January post on goals for the new year and whether I had actually accomplished anything.

Imagine my surprise when I found that I had! Since 2017 is now over half-way through, I thought I’d share my progress. Plus, the  new school year is (unfortunately) upon us and is a perfect time to remember and restart those goals you made at the beginning of the year that may need a little push to the finish.


Travel (around town) and Support Local Businesses

Being unable to get to places has been a struggle for me. I had plans to have some fun day trips and extended weekends – I’m looking at you Ocean City. Clearly, that didn’t happen, and sadly, my Thrashers fries appear to be more of a 2018 goal at this point. (Funniest part? I was able to get to Mongolia. Life just makes no sense sometimes.)

BUT I was able to check out local businesses and organizations, which happened to take me all over Baltimore and parts of Maryland. So far I have racked up: visiting the awesomeness that is The Foundery, seeing art among flowers at the Rawlings Conservatory, treating myself to local art at Charm City Craft Mafia events, getting my science on at Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS), attending the opening of Hysteria Brewing Co, and chilling with Baltimore’s newest Zine Queens over at Nasty Press. And that’s not including the local restaurants and beers I purchased. I feel that’s a respectable showing from January to August.


Add a Skill

When my best friend suggested I get my Katniss on with her and take an archery class, I had only one answer, “Hell yeah!” And so, with mandatory braid in place, I went with her to *forgotten the name so must look up and tried to find my inner tribute. I was not a natural, but by the end of the lesson I could hit the target 9 times out of 10. Not bad for one hour’s worth of work. Since that March outing I’ve been back and intend to continue – I have a bullseye that needs to be hit.


Hit the Books

Last year I read a total of 2 books. It hurts just to type that. So my final 2017 goal suggestion was to try to up my book reading this year to one book a month for a grand total of 12 entire books. In the end I just made it a point to make time to read (sorry Netflix binge weekends!) and didn’t count the books as I went. I did keep a list though, and when I went back to count I found I’ve already read 14 books! I smashed my goal and there’s plenty of time to add more.

All in all, I’d say it’s not too bad of a goal run for a person who had stretches of time where she couldn’t leave the house or drive. How did you do on your goals? Did you reach any? Have a way to go still? Like I said, it’s not too late to pick them up again or even make new ones. You just have to try.

What could just ‘B’ more encouraging?


I also made it to Light City.